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We're off for a break, orders delayed until April 20th 2016

I'll be out of the workshop until April 20th 2016. Please keep this in mind if you place an order before then, I won't get to making it until then.

Cheers, John.

Back in the workshop after a great break in Chile

Had a fantastic 7 weeks in Chile. Saul and Astrid's wedding was a blast and an absolute treat. I'll be posting some of my photos from tripping around Chile shortly.

Back in the workshop now. Hands are inspired again and ready to work!


Sole, Astrid, Saul, Jo and John
The rings which John made
Astrid and Saul

We're off for a break, orders delayed until February 2015

How the year has flown by! Time to take a break. I'm heading to Chile for Saul and Astrid's wedding which means I'll be out of the workshop until February 16th 2015. Please keep this in mind if you place an order before then, I won't get to making it until mid February.

Enjoy the silly season and we'll see you next year!

Cheers, John.

Heading to Sturgis for the Rally, orders delayed

It's that time of year again, Rally time.

I'll will be traveling over the next 2 weeks and then in Sturgis in the lead up to the Rally. My production facilities will be limited but I'll do my best to get orders out as quick as possible. Please keep this in mind when ordering up until the middle of August.

Regards, John

Christmas orders 2010

If you're after Christmas order please make sure you place them before the 28th November.

I'm travelling to attend the Australian National Hog Rally mid December and won't be back in the workshop till after Christmas. So if you're after a piece for Santa's sack act asap!

It's been a wonderful year, good to have caught up with so many old friends at shows. Next year will be even better.

Regards, John

Easter Friday Bankstown - Sydney's and Australia's biggest and best one day bike show

Put on by the Hard n Fast Crew over Easter 2010 in Bankstown, Sydney, Australia.

Well done gentlemen, another great show with great live music!


Sturgis Jewlery setup at Bankstown
John at Bankstown
Bankstown custom chopper
Bankstown Harley's
Bankstown Harley
Flatheads rule the world
Bankstown chopper

On the road in Tasmania, Australia for HOG's 19th annual rally

This past November I attended the HOG national rally in Launceston Tasmania. From where I live it entailed a two day drive to Melbourne and the over night ferry to the enchanted island state of Tasmania!!

What a wonderful time I had , the rally was the best ever by a long shot, great location, great music, well organised and a big turn out.

Tasmania's coast line at Kingston beach
Fishing at Honeymoon bay
Grummet Island
Up the Franklin river
Leaving Queenstown - opening soon!
Mount Olympus
Mt Field National Park Russel falls
Botanical gardens Hobart

Back from the Himalayas and into the workshop!

Welcome the new year, back on deck after a long walk around the top of the world.

5 weeks of hiking in the Himalaya's in the Annapurna region left some good memories, spectacular photos and less of a waistline.

It was a fantastic break - the creative juices are flowing again so expect to see the new designs on the site.

Out of the workshop

We're off for a break and will be out of the workshop until the 5th of December.

After that date John will be back at the bench to get Christmas orders out ASAP.

See you on the other side of a long hike!

68th Annual Sturgis Rally - Sturgis Jewelry news

Sturgis Jewlery was back at 1049 Main for the 68th Sturgis Rally for 2008, our 19th year at the Rally.

We welcomed Abdul and his crew to the store.

Some shots of the action through the 2 weeks of the Rally:

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