Fine Art

Sturgis Jewlery is pleased to bring you a selection of fine visual art. Going beyond jewelry we hope you enjoy Keith's visual art!

About the artist: Keith Kerrigan's art contains hundreds of simple geometric shapes each purposely placed to achieve order, balance and symmetry. Those shapes take on compelling and complex visual proportion through scale, angle and frequency of use. The end result are works of art that possess an elusive sense of movement which challenge the boundaries of visual perception.

The artist's acute understanding of color, command of three dimensional perspective and overlapping repetitive patterns are strongly rooted in geometry. His art is offered in signed and numbered limited editions and all purchases include a Certificate of Authenticity (sample). All prints are 12 color museum quality genuine giclee meticulously reproduced on the finest 300lb archival paper. Keith's work is highly collectable, surprisingly affordable and sought out by a diverse audience who wish to compliment a new or existing art collection with a work that is exacting in detail and culturally relevant.

The Freedom Riders Skull Collection

About the collection: The Freedom Riders Skull Collection is dedicated to the culture of V-Twin riders who emphatically understand they straddle two wheels of thunder and gorgeous rolling art. The open road is your canvas and the bike is the vehicle that paints an exhilarating life experience. These paintings pay homage to the culture and visually capture that proud spirit, as fine art, for your home.


  • Broken Wings
  • Dirty Side Down
  • Tail Gunner
  • Ghost Rider
  • Ride Free Or Die
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