74th Anniversary Sturgis Rally 2014 photos

Jo and Heide were in Sturgis for August to see in the 74th year of of the Rally, time flies when you're having fun. John couldn't make it this year so some of you who stopped by sent birthday wishes to your favourite Aussie on the other side of the rock, they were much appreciated.

Great to see everyone and here's looking forward to next year and the 75th anniversary!

Here's a quick video of a storm that hit Main St, when it rains for Rally it's pretty much like a "cow pissing on a flat rock":

Some of the highlights in photos through the Rally:

Jo and Heide
View out to Main St from Sturgis Jewelry
Albert "Skulls" Diaz
Clydesdales on Main St
Main Street pre Rally
Richard sends his favourite Aussie birthday wishes
Richard tells the world what he really thinks!
Donna and ... who let Arlen in the store?!
Birthday wishes from Ryan
The Tattoo Cellar says Happy Birthday
Happy Bday from Beatrix and Charlie
Silver hands and birthday wishes
Eric and Carol are wondering where John is
Heide staying calm during the Rally