Christmas orders 2013

If you're after Christmas order please make sure you place them before the 6th of December to ensure delivery before the 25th.

Santa's sack needs filling? Get in early and order now!

73rd Anniversary Sturgis Rally 2013 photos

Sturgis 2013 was a great success, wonderful to see old friends and new faces. John, Joanna, Mandi, Saul and Astrid made sure Sturgis Jewlery was well represented, this was our 24th time at the Rally!

Some of the highlights in photos through the Rally:

John, Jo, Astrid and Saul @ Strugis Jewelry
Welcome Riders 2013
Custom bikes
John at work
Panorama inside 1049 Main St
Jo and Mandi
Josh Rogan playing and signing
John with Albert "Skulls" Diaz
Custom bike
Cat, rat, dog
Cat, rat, dog, all relaxing!
John with a customer
Snoopy bike
Sturgis Jewelry in the mirror
Welcome Riders in the quilted sky

Panorama shots of the action at 1049 Main Street Sturgis

The Rally is in full swing in Sturgis, enjoy a couple shots from 1049 Main Street Sturgis Jewelry.

Panorama outside 1049 Main Street Sturgis
Panorama inside 1049 Main Street Sturgis - Sturgis Jewelry

Sturgis Rally 2013 here we come

Right now the whole crew, John, Jo, Mandi are in Sturgis getting ready for Rally. This year you might also spot Saul and Astrid who'll be helping out as well.

Stay turned for more pictures of the action.

Mandi and Jo hard at work setting up!

Christmas orders 2012

If you're after Christmas order please make sure you place them before the 7th of December to ensure delivery before the 25th.

So if you're after a piece for Santa's sack act asap!

72nd Anniversary Sturgis Rally 2012

This years Sturgis Rally was a great success, John, Jo and Mandi said it was nice to see catch up with old friends and see many new faces.

This year was the 72nd anniversary of the Rally in South Dakota and is Sturgis Jewelry's 23rd time at the 2 week long event.

Some shots of the action through the Rally:

Welcome Riders - View from Sturgis Jewelry at 1049 Main Street
John with the Blues Brothers (re-enactors!)
Traveling in style
Jo with Candy and Wendy Sturgis Jewlery's credit card processors
Tank the tiger

Ready for the Sturgis Rally 2012

John is already in Sturgis preparing for the 72nd anniversary of the Rally which starts soon! Official dates are the 6-12 of August. So stop by 1049 Main Street and say g'day.

Here's a couple photos from previous years. Here's looking forward to a great Rally 2012.

Jo and John in 2009 @ Sturgis Jewlery
Welcome Riders - Sturgis 2012 will be the 72nd anniversary of the Rally
Mandi, Jo and John in 2009 @ Sturgis Jewlery

Heading to Sturgis for the Rally, orders delayed

It's that time of year again, Rally time.

I'll will be traveling over the next 2 weeks and then in Sturgis in the lead up to the Rally. My production facilities will be limited but I'll do my best to get orders out as quick as possible. Please keep this in mind when ordering up until the middle of August.

Regards, John

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Australian Christmas orders 2011

Australian Christmas orders can be placed until the 16th of December. This will ensure delivery by the 25th and is an extra week on top of all other Christmas orders.

So if you're in Australia and thinking about ordering for Christmas, do so now!