Last chance for Christmas orders!

With the silly season upon us it's your last chance to get Christmas orders in.

John's in the workshop and orders placed in the next few days (up untill the end of this weekend, Sunday 6th Dec.) should make it to you before Christmas.

Happy Hollidays to all.

Photos from the 69th Annual Sturgis Rally

Some pictures from Sturgis 2009. Tanks Mandi!

1040 Main Street Sturgis. Australian's on Main Street Sturgis. 1040 Main Street Sturgis.Joanna and John.

Video from the Sturgis Rally 2009

A couple of clips that Joanna took during the rally.

Looking out over Main Street Sturgis from the window of the Sturgis Jewelry Company as a hail storm passes ... leaving it's mark on bikes and their owners. The hail ... oh the hail


Looking down Main Street Sturgis, South Dakota from outside the Sturgis Jewlery Company at the 69th Annual Sturgis Rally. Disco lights anyone?

More photos from the 69th Annual Sturgis Rally

Some more pictures from John, Mandi and Joanna and Sturgis 2009

The last shot is of the Rogan Brothers Band with some of John's jewelry, if you hear they're coming to town, don't miss them!

Main Street Sturgis Welcomes Rides for 2009. Hippy Harley. Joanna and Mandi. Sturgis Jewelry mit ballons Ed with two hands on his birthday present The Rogan Brothers Band - show off some of John's Silver

69th Annual Sturgis Rally underway!

It's that time of year again and we're back in Sturgis at 1049 Main Street. They Rally is in full swing so if you're arround stop in and say g'day to John, Mandi and Joanna!

The Sturgis Jewelry Crew, Mandi, Joanna and John. Looking out over Main Street Sturgis South Dakota during the Rally. Sturgis Jewelry reflections. Bikes, gold and silver. Early in the Rally week and the Ram Ring's already asleep at the wheel!!!

New site, stay tuned

Well, after (another!) spell of not enough attention the Sturgis Jewelry site's received some long needed TLC. We've moved over to a new shopping cart and created new blog/news section where we'll be posting regular updates. So stay tuned as the site grows, expect new designs to be posted, and a feature on John working in his workshop here in Australia!

Back from the Himalayas and into the workshop!

Welcome the new year, back on deck after a long walk around the top of the world.

5 weeks of hiking in the Himalaya's in the Annapurna region left some good memories, spectacular photos and less of a waistline.

It was a fantastic break - the creative juices are flowing again so expect to see the new designs on the site.

John heading up to Thorong La John and Saul - breathless on top of Thorong La Pass

Out of the workshop

We're off for a break and will be out of the workshop until the 5th of December.

After that date John will be back at the bench to get Christmas orders out ASAP.

See you on the other side of a long hike!

68th Annual Sturgis Rally - Sturgis Jewelry news

Sturgis Jewlery was back at 1049 Main for the 68th Sturgis Rally for 2008, our 19th year at the Rally.

We welcomed Abdul and his crew to the store.

Some shots of the action through the 2 weeks of the Rally:

1049 Main Street, looking into the building Looking right down Main Street in the middle of the Rally A very pregnant Mandi takes a break John looking out to Main Street during the Rally A happy horny visitor enjoys the spirit of the Rally Not everyday you look out your window at a python John and Barney John behind the counter

Sturgis Jewelry Company at the 67th Sturgis Rally

New designs and a new look for the 67th Sturgis Rally for 2007, our 18th year at the Rally.

We welcomed Geoff and the crew from Amazing Jewelry to the store and it was great to see Leo and family crew from ThunderBillet back in the store this year.

Our crew was well balanced with John, Mandi and Saul manning the display through the 2 weeks of the Rally. The weather was kind, bar the odd hail storm, and it allowed the great party atmosphere to flow.

1049 Main Street Sturgis, home of the Sturgis Jewelry Company. Some shots of the action through the 2 weeks of the Rally:

The Sturgis Jewelry display pre Rally 1049 Main Street with a lonely bike pre Rally 1049 Main Street during the start of the 67th Rally Geoff from Amazing Jewelry Leo, Sachi and the crew from Thunder Billet Winston and John John and Saul Room with a view - Mandi and Saul overlooking Main Street Overlooking Main Street from the Sturgis Jewelry window Neon anyone? Mandi and John in a sober moment!