68th Annual Sturgis Rally - Sturgis Jewelry news

Sturgis Jewlery was back at 1049 Main for the 68th Sturgis Rally for 2008, our 19th year at the Rally.

We welcomed Abdul and his crew to the store.

Some shots of the action through the 2 weeks of the Rally:

1049 Main Street, looking into the building Looking right down Main Street in the middle of the Rally A very pregnant Mandi takes a break John looking out to Main Street during the Rally A happy horny visitor enjoys the spirit of the Rally Not everyday you look out your window at a python John and Barney John behind the counter

Sturgis Jewelry Company at the 67th Sturgis Rally

New designs and a new look for the 67th Sturgis Rally for 2007, our 18th year at the Rally.

We welcomed Geoff and the crew from Amazing Jewelry to the store and it was great to see Leo and family crew from ThunderBillet back in the store this year.

Our crew was well balanced with John, Mandi and Saul manning the display through the 2 weeks of the Rally. The weather was kind, bar the odd hail storm, and it allowed the great party atmosphere to flow.

1049 Main Street Sturgis, home of the Sturgis Jewelry Company. Some shots of the action through the 2 weeks of the Rally:

The Sturgis Jewelry display pre Rally 1049 Main Street with a lonely bike pre Rally 1049 Main Street during the start of the 67th Rally Geoff from Amazing Jewelry Leo, Sachi and the crew from Thunder Billet Winston and John John and Saul Room with a view - Mandi and Saul overlooking Main Street Overlooking Main Street from the Sturgis Jewelry window Neon anyone? Mandi and John in a sober moment!

New site for the Sturgis Jewelry Company

With the Sturgis Rally here for 2007 we're up and running with our new site.

Welcome to the new home of John Willers Jewelry - now the Sturgis Jewelry Company!

Still underdevelopment you can expect to see new designs added to our brand new jewelry catalog. The new site is much easier to use and includes some great new features such as secure online orders. There are many new designs being uploaded, new photos are being taken and new entries to the catalog are being added.

Stay tuned as we start growing the Sturgis Jewelry Company Site!

Sturgis Rally in full swing!

Sturgis 2006 - The Rally is in full swing!

Good to welcome back the crew from ThunderBillet and Richard in the Tattoo Cellar.
Sturgis doesn't stand still, many new people and plenty of familiar faces. Gypsy Leather are missed this year in the store, but the show goes on.

See some more shots of mid-rally going-ons.

John and Mandi hard at work looking through onto Main Street The jewelry from Main Street Sturgis Looking over the display, past the Roo's and onto Main Street

Sturgis Rally

Sturgis 2004 - Good to welcome the crew from to the store this year - looking forward to many future Rally's together.

As usual Michelle and the Gypsy crew had some outstanding new designs and drew their loyal big crowds.

See you at Biketoberfest in the Two Wheelers building at 720 Main St, across from Corbin's.

Here are some shots of the celebrities that dropped by the store.

John dreaming, Donna disbelieving Michelle from Gypsy Leather takes 5 Richard from the Tattoo Cellar Leo and Vic from Thunder Billets Saul with the Penthouse Pets Donna and Arlin Fatland from 2 Wheelers of Denver Ed in fine form John behind the stand John and Saul

Great times at the Sturgis Rally

The 2004 Sturgis Rally was the best for many years. We had perfect weather with high 70's and cool nights. A good partying crowd, many first timers, good hangovers all 'round. I'm going up to Canada for a short vacation, Saul and I are looking forward to a good hike in the mountains.

New site with shopping cart and search

Well here it finally is. The new site design is finished. Have a look around, you can now search the catalogue. There is also a shopping cart to help you select your jewelry.

Expect more images of new designs up in the near future.

See you at Sturgis 2004!

<p>Well here it finally is. The new site design is finished. Have a look around, you can now search the catalogue. There is also a shopping cart to help you select your jewelry.</p>
<p>Expect more images of new designs up in the near future.</p>
<p>See you at Sturgis 2004

Sturgis Rally on Main Street

Sturgis 2003 is coming up, you can see the event dates here. Look for John at the front of the building at 1049 Main Street.

Daytona Bike Week is around the corner

Bike Week is right around the corner (see events here) so expect to see some shots of the action up soon. Don't forget John's location has changed (now 720 Main St.)

Sturgis Rally news coming

Sturgis has recently finished so as soon as we get a chance to put some pictures of the Rally up, you'll be able to see a little of what went on.