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Sturgis Jewelry

Sturgis Jewelry has been based in Sturgis, South Dakota for over 30 years. John Willers, the jeweler himself, traded for many years under the name Free Wheelin’ Jewelry, traveling the US and making his mark in the industry at trade shows around the country. The progression to the name Sturgis Jewelry was natural, once the business found its home base at 1049 Main St, Sturgis in 2000.

We are proud to bring life to Main Street, Sturgis year round where you can find our jewelry for sale within the Tattoo Cellar. You can see our full collection - on display only once per year - during the Sturgis Rally. Stop in and say g’day at 1049 Main Street!

John Willers

Born in Kenya in 1947, John moved to Australia to finish high school and college. He hit the travelers' trail to Asia and Europe in the late 60's, where he met his life partner Lorraine. In 1972 they married and moved to Vancouver, Canada. The joy of a new life with Lorraine along with the majesty of the west coast of Canada set the creative juices flowing and they haven't stopped.

Having grown up with the jewelry, John's two kids have now become a part of the business! Saul is now the master builder of the website and Joanna manages the retail store in Sturgis.

John now lives and works in the sub-tropical paradise of the Tweed Valley on Australia's east coast. The verdant surrounds and the early morning bird songs set the scene for each new design to take shape.

2024 will see our 36th year at the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota. The Sturgis Rally is the only place you can see us in person with the complete range of our jewelry on display.

Your enquiries are welcome as John’s hands always love to work.

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